Emulate and Minifab Announce Strategic Manufacturing Partnership

Minifab joins Emulate’s collaborative community that is working to further develop and validate the Human Emulation System

Emulate, Inc. and Minifab have formed a strategic manufacturing partnership to accelerate the scaling and commercialization of Emulate’s Organs-on-Chips technology and their Human Emulation System, which is providing researchers with a new standard for predicting how humans may respond to medicines, chemicals, and foods.

With this announcement, Minifab joins Emulate’s growing collaborative community, which is working together to develop and validate the Human Emulation System for use in a wide range of industries that relate to human health, including disease research, drug discovery and development, regulatory sciences, and, ultimately, precision medicine applications for patients. The collaborative agreement allows for Minifab’s team of experts to work closely alongside Emulate biologists, designers, and engineers, and apply their expertise in manufacturing transfer and high-volume manufacturing automation for scaling and commercializing Emulate products.

“Through this collaboration, we are working with Minifab to design and execute innovative approaches to scale the manufacturing of our products, and the expertise the Minifab team has brought to this project has allowed us to progress in the democratization of our products and platform,” said James Coon, CEO of Emulate. “This partnership will allow us to meet the demands of our users, as the Human Emulation System becomes a new standard for predicting human response to medicines, chemicals, and foods.”

Coon continued: “Strategic collaboration with our community is a core principle of ours, and working with our collaborators will continue to play an important role as we develop, validate, and improve the Human Emulation System.”

The Minifab and Emulate teams have integrated seamlessly to implement innovative approaches to scale this new technology

— Michael Wilkinson, Executive Chairman of Minifab

This partnership with Emulate has allowed us to apply our extensive experience in custom development and manufacture of technology and life science products to the commercialization of Emulate’s new platform technology that is recreating human biology outside the body,” said Michael Wilkinson, Minifab’s Executive Chairman and Acting CEO. “The Minifab and Emulate teams have integrated seamlessly to implement innovative approaches to scale this new technology, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to advance Emulate’s Organs-on-Chips technology.”

Minifab joins other collaborators within Emulate’s community, which includes leading pharmaceutical companies, such as AstraZenecaRocheTakedaMerck, and Janssen/J&J, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. These diverse partnerships and collaborations within the community are helping to develop, validate, and improve the Human Emulation System.

Red blood cells flowing through an Emulate Organ-Chip
Emulate’s Human Emulation System recreates mechanical forces, such as breathing and peristalsis.
Hepatocytes inside Emulate’s Liver-Chip