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Emulating human biology,
Predicting human response

Based on our Organs-on-Chips technology, we have created a Human Emulation System that provides a high-fidelity window into the inner workings of human biology and disease.

The platform offers researchers a new standard for predicting how a human may respond to medicines, chemicals, and foods — with greater precision and control than today’s cell culture or animal-based testing methods.

Window into Biology & Disease Living recreation of the cellular microenvironment outside the body
Predict Human Response Assess how medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human health
An Ethical, Human-Relevant Platform We're working to reduce, refine, and — hopefully — replace animal testing
Organs-on-Chips Learn about our Organs-on-Chips technology, and the scientific research that is fundamental to everything we do. science & technology
Human Emulation System We have developed an easy-to-use, lab-ready research platform that is driving the democratization of our technology. platform & products

Collaborative Development

Our technology platform is being developed and validated by our community of academic, industry, regulatory, and clinical partners. These collaborations have an impact on patient health across disease research, drug discovery and development, regulatory science, and in the clinic.

our collaborations


We are leading a bold new research initiative with our clinical partners to develop unique Organ-Chips personalized with an individual’s living cells. This Patient-on-a-Chip program holds the potential to advance the field of precision medicine and provide clinicians with a new system that more accurately predicts an individual’s response to medicines, chemicals, and foods.

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