Organ-on-a-Chip Contract Research Services 

Helping you understand and predict human response earlier

Services Overview

A better path to drug discovery and development

Species differences between animals and humans are a significant reason why ~90% of drug candidates fail in clinical trials. We think it’s time to do something about that. Emulate Organ-Chips predict human response better than conventional models, allowing higher quality drug candidates to advance to clinical trials. Let our team of experts de-risk your drug development pipeline with our wide variety of Organ-on-a-Chip compound testing services.

Diagram demonstrating how Organ-Chips can be used throughout the drug development pipeline.

Application Spotlight: Predictive Toxicology 

Organ-Chips predict drug toxicity in humans better than animals and other conventional models.

Industry-Leading Expertise

With our team of scientists dedicated to Organ-Chip contract research projects, there’s no easier way to unlock the predictive power of Organ-on-a-Chip technology. Schedule a call with one of our experts to see what we can help you discover.