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Organ-Chip Consumables

A range of Organ-Chip designs enabling a variety of biological applications

Emulate offers two types of Organ-Chip consumables for modeling a diverse range of human biology. Our flagship Chip-S1 Stretchable Chip enables users to build robust organ models with a tissue-vascular interface and has been validated for a variety of organ models and applications. The Chip-A1 Accessible Chip maintains the ability to model the tissue-vascular interface while providing expanded capabilities to effectively model complex 3D tissue with direct compound dosing capabilities. Each chip has been specifically designed for your novel research needs.


Meet Chip-A1

Chip-A1 allows researchers to model complex 3D tissues by incorporating gels up to 3 mm thick within the chip’s accessible culture chamber, integrating stroma into the epithelial layer, and applying organ-specific biomechanical forces. With these features, Chip-A1 offers improved in vitro modeling capabilities for research areas such as cancer and cosmetics, which require enhanced 3D models and more direct compound dosing options. Learn more about Chip-A1, read case studies, and sign up for the early access program below. 

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Explore the Chip Designs

Watch this video to learn how Chip-A1 and Chip-S1 enable users to create true-to-life models of human biology.

Features Overview





Yes, independent flow in both channels

Yes, independent flow in both channels

Tissue-vascular interface






Air-liquid interface



Gel/scaffold-based models

  • Yes, up to 1 mm thick
  • Seeding only within gel
  • Vascular flow only
  • Yes, up to 3 mm thick
  • Seeding within and on top of gel
  • Flow in both channels

Top channel architecture

Enclosed straight channel
(1 mm x 1 mm)

Accessible culture chamber
(6.9 mm x 3 mm max gel height)

Compound dosing options

  • Vascular dosing via Pod
  • Epithelial dosing via Pod
  • Vascular dosing via Pod
  • Epithelial dosing via Pod
  • Direct topical treatment (top chamber only)
  • Direct aerosolized treatment (top chamber only)

Recommended Biological models

  • Epithelial-endothelial models
  • ECM gel-based models
  • Models that require direct epithelial access for compound/drug exposure

Available products

  • Chip-S1 Basic Research Kit
  • Liver-Chip BioKit
  • Kidney-Chip BioKit
  • Colon Intestine-Chip BioKit
  • Duodenum Intestine-Chip BioKit

  • Chip-A1 Basic Research Kit


Everything you need to build an Organ-Chip

Our kits provide the essential components needed to create functional, living organ models on the Zoë® Culture Module.