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Emulating the Human Liver

Our Liver-Chip recreates true-to-life functions of the liver and is available in three different cell configurations: co-culture, tri-culture, and quad-culture. Our chip has been used for hepatotoxicity risk assessment, and we are currently developing disease state chips, which can be used to model steatosis, cirrhosis / fibrosis, and infectious diseases.


Our Human Liver-Chip can be setup into various configurations using our approved protocols, depending on the study requirements — supported configurations include co-, tri-, and quad-culture.


Liver / Human / Healthy
Co- / Tri- / Quad-Culture Options
12 & 24 QTY

Our Human Liver-Chip is currently available as a complete kit. The kit includes Organ-Chips, cells, reagents, training, and support from our team of experts. For more information about kit options and pricing, contact our team.


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