Development and Characterization of the Species-Specific Liver-Chip Technical Note

Development and Characterization of the Species-Specific Liver-Chip


In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a need for more human-relevant preclinical models that can enable a mechanistic understanding of drug action.

Organ-Chips can help address this need by recreating in vivo-relevant function in a more physiological microenvironment than conventional cell-based models.

In this technical note, we review how our Chip-S1 can be used to create a comprehensive recapitulation of the liver sinusoid.

Key highlights:

  • Liver-Chip emulates in vivo-like physiology by incorporating all key hepatic cell types in the sinusoid
  • Continuous perfusion of media ensures cells are exposed to sufficient amounts of test compounds, metabolites, or other stimulus factors
  • Cells can be fixed and imaged for further analysis or removed and processed for genomic studies
  • Potential applications include safety testing, mechanistic toxicity, disease modeling, mechanism of action determination, and biomarker identification