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A complete Organ-on-a-Chip solution

The Human Emulation System combines instruments, consumables, and software, enabling unprecedented insights into human biology across a variety of organs.


Each Organ-Chip contains living human cells, allowing researchers to use human biology to model disease pathology and the effect of drugs on any organ of interest.

These advanced in vitro models recreate the microenvironment cells experience inside the human body to more faithfully emulate human response compared to conventional models.


Mechanical Forces

The chips are built from a clear flexible polymer to enable cyclic stretch, allowing researchers to model the mechanical forces cells experience in the human body during breathing or intestinal peristalsis.


Cell-Cell Interactions

Culture cells and flow media through two distinct channels for greater cellular complexity and cell-cell interactions to improve physiological relevance.

Pod Portable Module

Pod is the interface between Organ-Chips and Zoë. It houses the chip, contains media and effluent, and enables compatibility with laboratory equipment.


Media Flow & Dosing Control

Easily introduce nutrient media, control compound dosing, and sample chip effluent for downstream analysis.

Culture Module

Zoë sustains the life of cells within our Organ-Chips, automating the precise conditions needed to culture up to 12 chips.


Seamless Organ-Chip Interface

Avoid complex, manual, and error-prone syringe pump and tubing setups with an integrated platform.


Precise Microenvironmental Control

Adjust media flow rates and stretch parameters—including frequency and strain—to recreate the mechanical forces cells experience in vivo.


Cloud Control & Support (Coming Soon)

Remotely plan your study, update experimental parameters, and receive remote support and firmware updates with Zoë Manager.

Orb Hub Module

Orb connects to standard lab outputs and provides gas and stretch to up to four Zoë Culture Modules.


Performance Monitoring

Orb provides alerts if the system needs attention, helping maintain optimal study conditions.


Our suite of software enables users to design Organ-Chip studies, remotely control and monitor Zoë-CM2 (2023), and analyze study results.