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Model the holistic journey of CAR T-cell therapy for solid tumors—from vascular administration to target cell killing

Your challenge

Cell therapy trafficking remains a critical rate-limiting step of cell therapy efficacy for solid tumors

While chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy has shown success in treating hematological malignancies, successfully treating solid tumors remains a challenge.

To be effective against solid tumors, CAR T cells must first exit the vasculature at the tumor location, infiltrate deeply into the tumor, lock in with tumor-specific antigens, and finally kill the cancer cells. It’s a long, well-orchestrated journey that conventional cell-based models cannot capture due to their simplicity.

our solution

Model the holistic journey of solid tumor cell therapy

With the CAR T workflow for Emulate Organ-Chips, researchers can model the holistic journey of CAR T-cell therapy from blood vessel to target—including CAR T cell vascular administration, tumor inflammation-specific endothelial cell attachment and migration, and antigen-specific killing—in a vascularized cancer cell line model.

Schematic of the CAR T-cell therapy workflow.

This novel and flexible workflow allows for a more complete, human-relevant assessment of cell therapy recruitment and efficacy than alternatives, providing researchers with the ability to discover and evaluate CAR engineering and co-therapeutic approaches to improve cell therapy migration and efficacy against solid tumor targets. Download the application note to discover the workflow.

administer your CAR T-cell therapy On-chip to:

Quantify vascular attachment, recruitment, and killing in a single assay

Assess antigen-specific killing and degranulation

Investigate co-therapeutic strategies to enhance CAR T functionality

Adapt the workflow to study various target tumor cells, cell therapies, and co-therapeutics

Featured Resource

Application Note: Evaluating CAR T-Cell Therapy Vascular Recruitment, Trafficking & Killing Efficacy with Organ-on-a-Chip Technology

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