Plan, collaborate, and analyze

Our suite of software enables users to design Organ-Chip studies, as well as analyze and interpret data.

Computer monitor showing the Study Manager user interface.
Study Manager

Design your experiment, capture study data, and analyze your results.

Study Manager gives you access to the latest protocols, facilitates study design, enables team collaboration, and organizes study data for seamless downstream analysis. 

Study manager features

Design your study

Design, execute, and manage your experiment while leveraging the most up-to-date protocols, which organize your experiment by days and workflow steps. 

Streamline your workflow

Easily execute common calculations needed for your study, such as dilutions, extracellular matrix concentrations, and shear stress.

Collaborate with your team

Review and comment on study design, protocols, and data as a team. 

Analyze your data

Automatically analyze Organ-Chip data with standardized calculators for barrier function, standard curves, and more.

User interface of Zoë Manager displayed on a tablet screen.
Zoë Manager
(Coming 2023) 

Remotely operate and update your Zoë-CM2

With Zoë Manager, you can remotely control and monitor Zoë-CM2 in real time. Program routines, monitor experiments, modify parameters, view operating logs, and streamline support. 

zoë manager features

Control Zoë-CM2 remotely 

Remotely program, monitor, and modify your Organ-Chip experiment from anywhere with cloud-based control.

View operating logs

View historical flow, pressure, and user access data for post-experiment auditing.

Receive remote support

Keep your instrument running at peak performance with remote diagnostics, support, and over-the-air firmware updates.