Products & services

Transform your research with Organ-Chips

Our Organ-Chips, hardware, software, and services enable deeper insights into the biological mechanisms of human health and disease.


Human-relevant models for complex biology

We have developed a range of validated Organ-Chip models enabling researchers to more closely emulate human biology by combining human cell sourcing, an organ-specific microenvironment, and tissue-relevant mechanical forces. Each model offers the potential for rich data collection throughout your study, including imaging, effluent analysis, biomarker analysis, and more.

Instruments & Accessories

A holistic platform
for Organ-Chips

At the core of our Human Emulation System® is Zoë® Culture Module, which provides dynamic culture conditions for up to 12 Organ-Chips. Users can set a range of automated flow and cyclic stretch parameters depending on study needs.



Everything you need to build an Organ-Chip

Our Bio-Kits provide the essential components needed to create validated, functional, living organ models, including Chip-S1® Stretchable Chips, Pod® Portable Modules, qualified human cells, and chip activation reagents.



Plan, collaborate,
& organize

Our suite of software enables users to design Organ-Chip studies, as well as analyze and interpret data.



Experience the predictive power of next-generation in vitro models

We provide services leveraging our Organs-on-Chips technology to support the drug development pipeline, from target validation through preclinical safety. Our team can work with you to design, execute, interpret, and deliver high-impact data on time and on budget to inform internal decision making or support regulatory submission.


With you every step of the way

Adopting a new technology can be challenging—that’s why we make it easy. We offer extensive support to help new users get up and running, including virtual installation guidance, comprehensive scientific training, and validated protocols for Organ-Chip culture and experimental analysis.