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A comprehensive Organ-on-a-Chip platform for endless research possibilities

Traditional Organ-on-a-Chip setups rely on complex and manual syringe pump setups that not only require high technical expertise, but also result in high variability in experimental success and results. We have created a suite of Organ-on-Chip instruments and accessories designed to make the technology more accessible, easier to use, and more reliable, so you can generate more reproducible and robust data.

Zoë® Culture Module rendering

Zoë® Culture Module

Bring your Organ-Chips to life

Zoë sustains the life of cells within our Organ-Chips, automating the precise conditions needed to culture up to 12 Organ-Chips.

Close-up view of a Zoë tray loaded with Organ-Chips seated in Pods.

Zoë features

Automated system

Easily program culture conditions for up to 12 Organ-Chips.


Adjust the media flow rate from 1-1,000 μL / hour depending on your experimental needs.


Set the frequency and strain of cyclic stretch to recreate the mechanical forces of breathing or peristalsis.

Bubble reduction

Use our proprietary Regulate™ Cycle to help eliminate bubble formation—a common problem with syringe pump setups.

Orb® Hub Module rendering

Orb® Hub Module

A scalable hub for the Zoë Culture Module

Orb connects to standard lab outputs and provide gas and stretch to up to four Zoë Culture Modules.

Orb features

Connects to up to four Zoës

Modularity makes it easy to install and run experiments in multiple Zoës.


Provides the precise mixture of CO₂ to Zoë.

Performance monitoring

Orb provides simple alerts to users if the system needs attention, helping
to maintain optimal study conditions.

Vacuum stretch

Supplies adjustable vacuum pump functionality for automated control of cyclic stretch.

Pod® Portable Module rendering

Pod® Portable Module

A portable reservoir for media flow and sampling

The Pod is the interface between Organ-Chips and Zoë. It houses the chip, supplies media, collects effluent, and enables compatibility with laboratory equipment.

Exploded view of the Pod Portable Module, showing the media reservoirs, lid, and chip carrier.

Pod featureS

Media flow & dosing control

Introduce nutrient media, precisely control compound dosing, and sample chip effluent for downstream analysis.

Portability and integration

Easily transport the Pod to your microscope for mid-experiment cell viability
and health checks while maintaining fluidic connection.

Organ-Chip Imaging Adapter loaded with 12 Organ-Chips to enable easy imaging on a microscope.

Imaging Adapters

Accelerate your
Organ-Chip imaging

Our imaging adapters organize Pods and fixed chips and for imaging and ensure compatibility with standard 96-well plate footprint advanced imaging equipment.

Imaging Adaptor Features

Mid-experiment visibility checks

The Pod Imaging Adapter organizes up to two Pods for quick cell viability and
health checks.

Fixed chip imaging

The Fixed Chip Imaging Adapter organizes up to 12 fixed chips for high-throughput imaging and helps reduce evaporation.

Scientist adjusting the settings of Zoë Culture Module within a cell culture incubator.

Warranty & Service Plans

Peace of mind for your Organ-Chip experiments

We offer a Human Emulation System Service Plan that provides comprehensive coverage of your instruments beyond the initial one-year limited warranty.

Plan Features


Annual qualification to ensure appropriate system performance.

Software updates

Firmware upgrades, software fixes, and updated documentation.

Technical support

System checks and troubleshooting support as needed.

Repair and replacement

Comprehensive coverage for your instruments in the event of failure.