Emulate Appoints Scott D. Kantor as Chief Financial Officer

Technology Visionary will Offer Strategic Insight to Guide Ongoing Research & Development of Market Leading Organ-on-a-Chip Technology

BOSTON, MA — June 22, 2021 — Emulate Inc., a leading provider of next-generation in vitro models, today announced the appointment of Scott D. Kantor as Chief Financial Officer. Reporting to Jim Corbett, Chief Executive Officer, Scott will be responsible for strengthening the organization’s operational readiness to meet the growing demand for organ-on-a-chip technology.    

Scott Kantor  Emulate Chief Financial Officer
Scott Kantor
Emulate Chief Financial Officer

Scott has spent his career as a strategic business partner and operationally focused financial leader driving key decisions to position companies for market success. Scott’s acumen in business strategy, corporate value and operational growth across the life science industry will position Emulate for long-term global growth and scale as it continues to broaden the availability of organ-on-a-chip technology in new markets and diverse applications.   

 “Scott joins Emulate during a time of pivotal growth and rapid market expansion. His background as a CFO, COO and General Manager will enable him to have an immediate impact as our business continues to build momentum,” said Jim Corbett, Chief Executive Officer of Emulate, Inc. “His keen organizational leadership and experience scaling organizations via organic and inorganic growth will be critical to advancing our business and empowering researchers worldwide to use organ-chip technology in new ways.”   

Scott is a dynamic finance leader who most recently served as the Chief Financial Officer for Gemini Bioproducts. Within his first year, he led an acquisition and helped the company grow its core business and scale its operational capacity. Additionally, he implemented a sustainable management operating system. Because of his accomplishments at Gemini Bioproducts, he was honored as CFO of 2020 by the Sacramento Business Journal. Prior to joining Gemini Bioproducts, Scott held a variety of leadership roles at Quick Care Pharmacy Inc. including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President.   

Next-generation in vitro models by Emulate have the potential to transform drug discovery and development by replacing outdated 2-dimensional (2D) cell culture methods and reducing animal testing that has poor clinical translation. I am eager to join this world-class leadership team to drive the biological revolution Emulate technology can enable.

— Scott Kantor

“Next-generation in vitro models by Emulate have the potential to transform drug discovery and development by replacing outdated 2-dimensional (2D) cell culture methods and reducing animal testing that has poor clinical translation,” Scott said. “I am eager to join this world-class leadership team to drive the biological revolution Emulate technology can enable.” 

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About Emulate, Inc.  

Emulate Inc. is a privately held company that creates next-generation in vitro models for understanding how diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human health. Our lab-ready Human Emulation System® includes three components: Zoë® Culture Module, Organ-Chips, and analytical software applications. The platform provides a window into the inner workings of human biology and disease—offering researchers a new technology designed to predict human response with greater precision and detail than conventional cell culture or animal-based experimental testing. Each of the Emulate proprietary Organ-Chip models—including the liver, intestine, and kidney—contains tiny hollow channels lined with tens of thousands of living human cells and tissues and is approximately the size of an AA battery. An Organ-Chip is a living, microengineered environment that recreates the natural physiology and mechanical forces that cells experience within the human body. Our founding team pioneered the Organs-on-Chips technology at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Emulate holds the worldwide exclusive license from Harvard University to a robust and broad intellectual property portfolio for the Organs-on-Chips technology and related systems. For more information, please visit emulatebio.com.  

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