Organ-Chips for Drug Development

Webinar Overview

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a need for more human-relevant preclinical models that can enable a mechanistic understanding of human diseases and drug action. Organ-Chips can help address this need by recreating in vivo-relevant function and key disease phenotypes in a more physiological microenvironment than conventional cell-based models.

In this webinar, we highlight how Organ-on-Chip technology can be applied across drug development to improve translation to the clinic. 

Key learning objectives:

  • Challenges in drug development and why there is a need for more predictive models
  • How the Liver-Chip can be applied to evaluate mechanistic toxicity
  • How organoids and Organ-Chips can work together to create a more human-relevant Intestine model
  • How to use our Human Emulation System to conduct Organ-on-a-Chip studies