Modelling Cancer-Microbe Interactions with Organoids and Organ-On-Chip

Lena Schorr is a PhD student in the Epithelium Microenvironment Interaction Laboratory (EMIL) led by Dr. Jens Puschhof in the Microbiome & Cancer Division of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. She is investigating microbe-host interactions using organoid and organ-on-chip models to further elucidate the role of intracellular bacteria in colorectal cancer progression and metastasis.  

Fusobacterium nucleatum, a prominent bacterium that is enriched in colorectal cancer, is her target bacterium of interest. She studied biology and immunology at the FAU in Erlangen, Germany, did research stays at the Rockefeller University and Roche and is now in the DKFZ International PhD Program. She has been awarded several stipends such as the DAAD scholarship and was a participant and team leader in iGEM, the world’s largest synthetic biology competition. 

This presentation is from a featured session at Netherlands MPS Day, which took place on 11/15/2023.