Evaluating CAR T-Cell Therapy Recruitment & Efficacy with Organ-on-a-Chip Technology

Webinar Abstract

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy holds great promise as a treatment for a variety of human cancers. While there are 5 FDA-approved CAR T therapies for liquid tumors, successfully adapting this treatment for solid tumors remains elusive. 

A major reason why solid tumors are so much harder to treat with CAR Ts is because of their vastly different microenvironment. To effectively kill solid tumor cells, CAR Ts must first exit the vasculature at the tumor location, infiltrate deeply into the tumor, lock in with tumor-specific antigens, and finally, kill the cancer cells. 

It’s a long, complicated journey, and one that conventional models cannot capture due to their simplicity. Enter Organ-Chips. 

Emulate Organ-Chips can help address these challenges by enabling human-relevant and more comprehensive recapitulation of immunotherapy efficacy. In this webinar, Chris Carman, PhD, shared data from proof-of-concept studies showing how Organ-Chips can be used to evaluate the efficacy of CAR T-cell therapies and provide a system that integrates both the recruitment and killing aspects of CAR T function.

In this webinar, you will learn how Organ-Chips can be used to:

  • Assessing CAR T recruitment and killing in a novel, adaptable Organ-Chip workflow. 
  • Evaluating co-therapeutics to enhance CAR T recruitment and efficacy. 
  • Creating a co-culture lung cancer model with A549 carcinoma cell line and lung-specific microvasculature. 
  • Evaluating CAR T efficacy through multi-modal analysis, including confocal imaging and quantification, cytokine release, and effluent analysis.