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Emulating the Human Intestine

We have developed Intestine-Chips that model the small intestine and the colon. The fluidic channels of our Intestine-Chip make it possible to culture intestinal cells along with commensal bacteria, recreating a human-relevant microbiome. Our Intestine-Chips can be configured with primary, Caco-2, or induced pluripotent stem cells derived from patients with diseases of the intestine.

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Intestine Bio-Kit

Human / Healthy / Co-Culture
12 & 24 QTY

Our Intestine-Chip will be made available for early-adopter use as a complete kit that includes everything you need to conduct your research. This kit will include Organ-Chips, cells, reagents, training, and support from our team of experts. For more information about kit options and pricing, contact our team.