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Brain Chip: A Human Cell-Based Model for Studying Neuro Inflammation

June 15, 2021
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To date, researching neurogenerative disease and developing effective therapeutics has been limited by the shortcomings of current models—static cell culture with limited cellular complexity and animal models that often fail to translate to human response. To develop more effective treatments, a more physiologically relevant brain model is needed. 

In this webinar, we present the Emulate Brain-Chip, the most comprehensive commercially available model of the human neurovascular unit that recreates key features of brain and blood-brain barrier physiology for studying neuroinflammation. 

Learn how you can use the Brain-Chip to: 

  • Create a more physiological brain model: Co-culture five key cell types in a highly-tunable model with low barrier permeability, high transcriptomic similarity to in vivo tissue, and demonstrated advantages over Transwell culture. 
  • Model neuroinflammation: Reproduce key features of neuroinflammation with exposure to inflammatory stimuli (TNF-α) or oligomeric species (α-synuclein), including neuronal death, glial activation, proinflammatory cytokine secretion, and compromised blood-brain barrier function. 
  • Investigate the impact of microglia: Study the effect of microglia—a cell type not present in most cell models—on blood-brain barrier function and neuroinflammatory response. 
  • Evaluate drug effect: Study the efficacy of neuroprotective drug candidates to reduce neuroinflammatory damage.