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Our System

Based on our team’s original development of Organs-on-Chips technology, we have created the Human Emulation System, which provides a high-fidelity window into the inner workings of human biology.

The Human Emulation System offers researchers a new standard for predicting how a human may respond to diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods — with greater precision and control than today’s cell culture or animal-based testing approaches.

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Understanding Biology & Disease

Our Organ-Chips — such as lung, liver, intestine, and brain — accurately recreate human biology and disease states. We do this by employing engineering principles to recreate the micro-environment experienced by cells in the human body. We can control the extracellular matrix, tissue interfaces, mechanical forces, immune cells, blood components, and biochemical surroundings.

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Organs-on-Chips as a Lab-Ready System

The Human Emulation System is an automated lab-ready system for researchers, that is comprised of Organ-Chips, instrumentation, and software apps. By taking an integrated approach, we empower users across multiple industries to apply our Organs-on-Chips technology in a way that is easy-to-use, robust, and reproducible.

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Partnerships and Product Applications

Our system and products are being used across a range of applications in drug development, regulatory sciences, clinical applications, and precision medicine.

Our collaborations with industry, government agencies, and academia focus on developing new disease models, elucidating new therapeutic targets to develop treatments, safety testing on new chemical entities, enabling better and safer design of new consumer products, and new applications in personalized healthcare.

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Featured Collaboration

U.S. Food & Drug Administration + Emulate, Inc.

FDA Signs Collaborative Agreement with Emulate, Inc. to Use Organs-on-Chips Technology as a Toxicology Testing Platform for Understanding How Products Affect Human Health and Safety

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Emulate, Inc.

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