Multiplexed imaging and effluent analysis to monitor cancer cell intravasation using a colorectal cancer-on-chip

Organ Model: Intestine (Colorectal cancer)

Application: Cancer

Abstract: Despite colorectal cancer’s (CRC) prevalence, its progression is not well understood. The microfluidic organ-on-chip (OOC) model described herein recreates the epithelial-endothelial tissue-tissue interface, fluid flow, and mechanical forces that exist in vivo, making it an attractive model to understand and ultimately disrupt CRC intravasation. This protocol provides step-by-step details for tumor cell seeding to create a CRC-on-chip model, chip effluent collection and analysis, and on-chip imaging to monitor tumor cell invasion within a more physiologically relevant microenvironment. For complete details on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Strelez et al. (2021).