Glycogen Quantification Assay

April 11, 2019

EP131 v1.0


Key Steps:

Other Required Materials:

Quantify glycogen from Emulate Organ-Chip cell lysate samples

  • Prepare all reagents, samples, and standards
  • Run the assay
  • Read the plate
  • Glycogen Assay Kit (Abcam, ab65620)
  • Plate reader


Sample type

Organ-Chip cell lysate (Liver-Chip: hepatocytes from the top channel)

See Protocol EP135 Cell Lysis for Protein Analysis.

Recommended assay flow rate (Liver-Chip)

30 uL / h

Cell lysate dilution range

1:500 to 1:1000

Run assay as described on vendor site

Use vendor’s fluorometric protocol for best results.



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