Cholesterol Quantification Assay

April 4, 2019

EP132 v1.0


Key Steps:

Other Required Materials:

Quantify cholesterol from Organ-Chip effluent

  • Effluent collection
  • Cholesterol reading
  • Hepatocyte medium composition adjustment
  • Cholesterol Assay Kit (Abcam #A12216)
  • Plate reader


Sample type


For best results, use hepatocyte media without FBS and with ITSG (ThermoFisher #41400045) instead of the ITS premix that is used as normal Liver-Chip media.

See Protocol EP124 Effluent Sampling.

Recommended effluent dilution (Liver-Chip)

No dilution, or up to 1:10 (at flow rate 30 µL / h)

Note: Cholesterol concentration of media may change assay dilution range. Adjust accordingly.

Run assay as described on vendor site

Use vendor fluorometric protocol for best results.

Sample quantification


Chol Net = Net effluent cholesterol (µg / mL)

Chol effluent = Cholesterol from effluent (µg / mL)

Chol dosing media = Cholesterol from dosing media (µg / mL)



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