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Products & Services


We offer a full range of products and services using our Organs-on-Chips technology.

Liver Bio-Kit Includes the critical items you need to conduct your study – qualified cells from our suppliers, Organ-Chips, Pod portable modules, and chip activation reagents. learn more
Zoë Our culture module controls the rate of flow and stretch of up to 12 chips, providing the environment cells need to live.
Orb The Orb™ hub module provides the precise mixture of gas, power, and vacuum stretch required by the Zoë™ culture module.


Our services utilize our Organs-on-Chips technology to deliver clinically-relevant, decision-worthy insights. Our experienced services team is ready to design and execute studies with your desired endpoints in mind.

Liver General Toxicity
Mechanistic Toxicity
Nutrient Metabolism
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Intestine General Toxicity
Intestinal Absorption
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Kidney General Toxicity
Mechanistic Toxicity
Drug Absorption
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Thrombosis Drug-Induced Blood Clot Formation
Mechanistic Studies of Blood Clot Formation
Efficacy Testing of Anti- Thrombotic Compounds
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Vector Delivery / Formulation Testing Test the delivery and uptake of genetic material, different types of vectors, nano-particles, or formulations in any of our available Organ-Chips. request more info