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Join our Team, become an Emulator

May 16, 2017

By Stacy Perro Associate Director of Employee Relations
By Stacy Perro Associate Director of Employee Relations

Join our Team, become an Emulator

We’re hiring! We’re developing a new living human emulation. Join our growing team of scientists, engineers and designers.

We work at the intersection of design, biology and engineering — developing new technologies, products, and applications that emulate living human biology. Our systems are enabling a new era of precision medicine and personalized healthcare applications.

Open Positions

We’re looking for talent to join our team at our Boston HQ. We offer a great rewards package — including competitive pay and bonuses, excellent health benefits with unlimited paid time-off, share options, an outstanding environment, and opportunities for career development.

Open positions:

Product Management
• Product Manager

Product Design & Engineering 
• VP of Product Design & Engineering (Technology)
• Principal Mechanical Engineer (Hardware)
• Software Developer (Applications)
• Software DevOps (Systems Administration)

• Chief Financial Officer
• Manufacturing Manager (Biological Products)
• Administrative Assistant (to the President)
• IT Support Specialist

• Sales Account Executive
• Field Applications Scientist

To be considered for an interview and to meet with our team, please email your resume directly with a short cover letter explaining why you want to work with us, to:

Or for more info on any of these roles, please visit: Emulate, Inc. @ LinkedIn

We’re creating a new living system that emulates human biology – for understanding how different diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human health.


Inside Emulate's HQ - photo courtesy of Richard Mandlekorn.


Photo of the Innovation & Design Building - Emulate's HQ - courtesy of Richard Mandlekorn.

Our founding team pioneered the original human “Organs-on-Chips” technology during their residency within the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Organ-Chips – such as the lung, liver, brain or kidney – are micro-engineered environments lined with living human cells and tissues. Each chip recreates the natural physiology and mechanical forces that cells experience within the human body.

The Organs-on-Chips technology has been published in high-impact scientific journals, curated into New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and awarded Product Design of the Year 2015 by London’s Design Museum.

Today, our new living “Human Emulation System” is being used by industry, government and academia to understand how different diseases, medicines, chemicals and foods affect human health. The system offers researchers and product development teams a new standard for predicting human response – with greater precision and control than today’s cell-culture or animal-based experimental methods.

Our team are also leading a bold new precision medicine and personal health initiative with Emulate’s clinical partners – named “Patient-on-a-Chip”. The program is developing unique ‘human-chips’ personalized with an individual’s own living cells – to help transform the way each of us can understand our own body and manage our own health.